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It is out in the open that BCCI is the richest cricket board in the entire world and Cricket in India is not just a sport but a Religion in itself. The same can be testified by the fact that the cricket enthusiasts present at the Eden Gardens, often called the Mecca of Cricket, set fire to the stands when India collapsed against Sri Lanka in the crucial Final of 1996 World Cup. Also the fact that the World’s biggest Cricket Stadium is located in India. These are the testimony how emotional and passionate Indians are about Cricket. Not just seeing their favorite hard-hitters hitting the ball out of the park but also Cricket fans in India loves predicting the match result in advance. Yes, Cricket Predictions and Analysis is no more limited to drawing room discussions but it has also reached newsroom discussions as well, with veteran players predicting the pitch, conditions and winnability before the commencement of any crucial match. A lot of youngsters claim to be a Cricket Analysts and Prediction Expert these days, however, not everyone can really be one. It needs a deep understanding of the subject, stats, playing conditions and more and one such person who is equipped with all of these is Cricket Pandith.

Cricket Pandith, in a very short span of time, has emerged out to be one of the most popular and a seasoned Cricket Analysts and Prediction Expert across the globe. Being a huge sports fan, particularly Cricket, and witnessing people predicting match results, he decided that it is time to help people gain the accuracy in the realm and hence he started his prediction about 14 years back, in 2008, with an aim to help to assist cricket fans to get a better and an in-depth understanding before any match is over. As an ardent cricket follower from his young days, Cricket Pandith was always keen on upgrading his knowledge of him in sports by reading articles by Veteran experts. From watching ongoing telecasts of the cricket matches to the past match highlights, he analyzed every player’s performance, gaming style, and other data to develop a better understanding of their game and skills.

With passion towards cricket, and having a strong analytical mind, Cricket Pandith started predicting the outcomes of the matches. Initially, he started with the popular Cricket League- Indian Premier League (IPL) and towards the conclusion of the 1st season of IPL, he gained huge traction among the Cricket Enthusiasts and made his presence felt. Lately, with the introduction of Australia based T20 League- Big Bash League, he became quite a famous Cricket Analyst and a Prediction Expert at a global stage.

What sets him apart among the other players who claim to have as high accuracy rate as Cricket Pandith is the fact that he incorporates Data-Driven methodology and does in-depth research which results in witnessing huge success in the realm of Cricket Predictions. His success speaks volume about the hard work the young Cricket Analysts put in. As of now, his accuracy, as of now, stands at 51/52 predictions at IPL 2009, 50/52 at IPL 2010, 56/57 at IPL 2011, 60/60 in IPL 2012. His recent IPL 57/61 prediction was one of the main reasons why he has been very popular across India.

With a knack for mathematics, calculations and data processing, he delivered unprecedented cricket predictions with a high accuracy rate. His accuracy has assisted him in achieving the milestone of having above 2 Lakhs followers on his Telegram channel that allows cricket and other sports enthusiasts to directly interact with him and seek his guidance and mentorship from him.

Being endorsed and honored for one’s work is something everyone expects for but there are only a handful of people who achieves it and Cricket Pandith is one such name. Famous figures from the field of Cricket that includes veterans like Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Shane Warne and Brendon McCullum have also acknowledged and appreciated the accuracy and hard work of Cricket Pandith. Apart from Cricketing Legends, Cricket Pandith has also been praised by numerous sportsmen like Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for his excellent and accurate analytical skills and his sincerity and passion towards his work.

Cricket Pandith is a name who through his sheer hard work and determination has made a name for himself and after having proved his mettle in the realm of cricket analysis and prediction, he started to expand his knowledge and business acumen into various other sectors and diversified his income streams as a next-generation Entrepreneur who believes in promoting creativity and innovation.

He is all set to invest in numerous business ventures and aims to help in Job Creation and in the process of Nation-Building.

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