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Dillian Whyte hopes to secure a massive cross-code boxing fight against Francis Ngannou this year after the MMA star confirmed his departure from the UFC.

The British heavyweight contender has been embroiled in a long-running rivalry with Ngannou, stemming back to the summer of 2020, and Whyte has revealed there is fresh interest in the huge showdown.

Whyte sealed a points win over Jermaine Franklin in November, which propelled him back into contention for fights with the biggest heavyweight names, but is now willing to settle his fiery feud with Ngannou.

“I would love to fight him,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “Obviously he is a champion, a dangerous guy, but I think I would bash him up.

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Check out the pure powerhouse that is UFC’s Francis Ngannou.

“It would be a very interesting fight, because we both have got a martial arts background and he’s up for jumping in at the deep end, fighting someone like me. It would get lots of interest and eyeballs.

“Fans around the world would be keen to see it, because he is a former UFC champion coming to face a top heavyweight like me.”

Whyte previously branded Ngannou as a “cry baby” after they filmed a press conference, which was never broadcast, but the Cameroonian-French fighter is now free to agree terms for a boxing bout after ending his spell as UFC heavyweight king.

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Back in 2008 Whyte made his MMA debut, knocking out his opponent in just 12 seconds!

A successful former MMA fighter, Whyte once ended a bout within 12 seconds, and would be willing to also face Ngannou in a cage after their boxing bout.

“These guys know there is more money to make in boxing than there is in MMA,” said Whyte.

“It would be good becoming a champion across two sports – something I wanted to do as well – so I can understand him having a massive drive to do something like that.

“A lot of these boxing guys pick on these MMA and martial arts guys and beat them up in a boxing ring, but they are not brave enough to get in the cage. I would happily fight him in boxing and in the cage as well.

“It is much easier to knock people out with 4oz gloves that have next to no padding. Can he do the same with a 10oz boxing glove? I know I can.”

Discussing a possible fight date, Whyte added: “End of March, early April something like that. That would give him plenty of time for a full camp.

Dillian Whyte, Jermaine Franklin
Whyte defeated Jermaine Franklin in November

“It would be a fair fight. He would have time to train, I would have time to train, and we would put on a very good boxing fight.”

Whyte has brutal knockout wins over Derek Chisora, Alexander Povetkin and Lucas Browne on his record and is far from daunted by the prospect of an explosive encounter with Ngannou.

“I believe in myself, I know what I’m capable of,” said Whyte.

“Obviously he’s a good fighter, he’s strong, but there are a lot of holes in his game. He is throwing from far away, he is a slugger. In MMA, that style runs, because you have small gloves and you just need to connect anywhere with someone to do damage.

Dillian Whyte is a VOW Nutrition Ambassador

“But this is boxing, you need skills and good timing. He can’t just come out and start slugging and think you can knock people out.

“No, a guy standing in front of him can make him miss, all those punches he throws. He’s dangerous and a big strong guy, but it’s a great fight for me, to be honest.”

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