Floats like a butterfly, but doesn’t sting like a bee

The prequel to World Championship Boxing Manager 2 came during a time when I wasn’t even born, so news about the second game did surprise me a lot. Gaming used to be completely different back then, and I had no idea how the second part would have been figured out.

While the original title was a cult hit in the 90s, modern-day gaming has a new set of demands. What used to work once no longer does — like life itself, evolution is the only constant.

Having played the game for many hours, I can’t help but think of all the positives the developers deserve. World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is a true proponent of necessary changes without sacrificing the original aesthetics of the first title.

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is a perfect tribute to the first game while modernizing several aspects

Could there ever be a boxing game without returning to the famous tribute to the great Muhammad Ali? World Championship Boxing Manager 2 does exactly what its name suggests – you must do everything related to boxing aside from fighting in the ring.

But make no mistake – there are ample things in the game to keep you engaged with very minute details. There has been a plethora of management games, with some great titles in the realm of sports.

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 might not be as complex as Football Manager 2023, for instance. But under the hood, there’s ample scope for micromanagement if you’re into that kind of a thing. Moreover, there’s the freedom to go down different paths that contain well-directed narratives.

Let’s get started on why I played the better part of my last weekend, trying to unearth my own Rocky Balboa from a huge pool of generic fighters.

Story and game modes

There are different story modes, all of which create unique experiences (Image via Ziggurat)I loved the pixelated representation giving tribute to the first game (Image via Ziggurat)pcs to enjoy the game, which I greatly appreciate.

There are so many details to attend to during your save. From scheduling training to booking fights, I was always engaged. This made the fights feel fresh to look at and enjoy. I loved the emphasis on proper strategy, as it’s not about making random decisions.

Adopting different strategies are a must (Image via (Image via Ziggurat)Efficient training is a must (Image via Ziggurat)Every victory feels equally sweet (Image via Ziggurat)Football manager 2023. However, there’s still a lot to enjoy in management, customization, and more. There are a few negatives, one related to a more extensive tutorial system.

Then again, World Championship Boxing Manager 2 isn’t rocket science, and fans of management games will find themselves at home. There’s plenty of replayability with different game modes, fun graphics, and interesting mechanics. To make matters even more interesting, players will also be able to have story modes based on the lives of Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson.

The pixelated graphics could work against the title, but I loved it. It keeps things simple on my system, and I have never believed that the onus of a management game should be on the graphics. Moreover, a hyper-realistic rendition of the second game might have lost the aesthetic value of the first one.

I am excited to find out what Ziggurat have on their hands regarding gaming content in the near future. This was the first time I reviewed one of their games, and it left plenty of positive impressions in my mind.

The detailed scorecard (image via Sportskeeda)

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