Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke filmed in public fight with girlfriend

Former Australian cricket captain and TV commentator Michael Clarke was filmed having a physical altercation with his partner in public. Photos/Getty, Daily Telegraph

Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has been slammed after the video of his fight with his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough went viral.

The fracas, which was filmed by a bystander in Noosa on January 10, saw the pair in a fight along with Yarbrough’s sister Jasmine and her husband and Today host Karl Stefanovic in a public blow-up. The footage was initially published by The Daily Telegraph.

The fight began when the two high-profile couples and their celebrity accountant mate Anthony Bell were at dinner at a beachside restaurant.

It’s understood Clarke’s celebrity fashion designer ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards and Jade had been in contact, sparking the confrontation between Clarke and Jade.


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The footage shows a shirtless Clarke limping in a park surrounded by a group who are trying to calm the situation, while a furious Jade screams at him then slaps him across the face.

“You f**ked her on December 17… You f**ked her, you’re af**king dog,” Jade screams.

Clarke responds: “Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Clarke continued to deny his any infidelity, swearing: “On my daughter’s life.”


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As the screaming match continues, Clarke also seemingly said to Karl Stefanovic: “Karlos, I can tell you now c***, don’t you f*****g walk away. She she can, she can punch me, but you, you c***.”

“You piece of s**t, don’t you f***ing speak to him,” Jade yelled at Clarke.

A public fight between Michael Clarke and his partner Jade Yarbrough has led to serious repercussions for the former Australian cricket captain.  Photo/Getty
A public fight between Michael Clarke and his partner Jade Yarbrough has led to serious repercussions for the former Australian cricket captain. Photo/Getty

The drama was the talk of the nation on Thursday with Clarke slammed for his behaviour.

Former Channel 9 personality and 2GB host Ben Fordham took aim at the ex-cricketer, blasting him for dragging Stefanovic into the drama.

“Karl Stefanovic’s name has been dragged into it because he happened to be there and Michael Clarke turned on Karl too,” the 2GB Radio host said on Thursday.

“Really, really disgraceful language that was used by Michael Clarke as far as I can see it’s got nothing to do with Karl apart from the fact he happened to be there.

“It’s between Michael Clarke and his girlfriends, it’s a shocker and the language used by Michael Clarke in a public place in front of children was utterly disgraceful.”

Fellow 2GB host Ray Hadley added: “I don’t know Michael Clarke but we’ve all had problems in life Michael, me included.

“But if I were to give advice to a 41-year-old male adult … it would be along the lines of ‘keep it in your pants son’.”

On KIIS106.5, Kyle Sandilands also reacted to the drama, saying he “nearly died” when he heard the news.


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His co-host Jackie O said: “I’m looking at this video and my jaw is to the floor and I’m like ‘I can’t believe what I’m seeing’ thinking this is not the Michael Clarke I know. ”

Kyle claimed he’s “been involved in thousands of fights like that,” while chuckling, “Why are they shirtless in a public park?”

Maintaining that he refused to take sides, he added: “If we all sit around and we think what’s our worst fight we’ve ever ever had with our partner, imagine someone filming that and putting that on The Daily Telegraph… No thanks . I’d disappear forever, you’d never see me again,” he joked.

Jackie agreed, saying she’d “leave the country for two months”.

Discussing Stefanovic’s involvement in the drama, the radio hosts speculated that he was just trying to “diffuse” the situation.

“Who wants to get up and shoehorn themselves into someone else’s argy bargy? I think Karl was walking away,” said Kyle, adding: “I hope they all do alright.”


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While it wasn’t mentioned on Today where Stefanovic was hosting, it was spoken about on Sunrise, where entertainment reporter Peter Ford said Clarke’s protests would likely haunt him.

“To his credit, he owns it and accepts full responsibility but he used four words that I think is going to haunt him and I think it goes to his character, or what people will perceive of his character,” Ford said on Sunrise.

“He twice says “on my daughter’s life, it’s not true” and now of course he is indicating it was true. You don’t pull out that card and use that card (of apologizing) unless it really is true.”

On Wednesday night, Clarke told The Daily Telegraph: “I accept full responsibility for this altercation and am shattered by my actions.”

Edwards, who dated the former cricketer from mid-2020 to late-2021, released a statement condemning the 41-year-old’s actions.

“This is not my circus,” Pip said in a statement. “Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to.”


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However, social media was also quick to comment on the drama.


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