“I’m hanging up the gloves forever”

UK YouTube star JJ”KSI extension” uploaded a video to his channel on November 24 detailing his retirement plans from influencer boxing after his much-anticipated match against Jake Paul. JJ and Jake have been in talks for a match for a long time. Their rivalry dates back to as early as 2018, a period many consider the birthplace of YouTube/influencer boxing.

With JJ finally returning to boxing after a long hiatus, the proposed match between the two looks to be heading in the right direction. The Sidemen member has iterated on his plans to fight Jake Paul in 2023. However, he added that his match against the American internet celebrity would be his last. He stated:

“I’m hanging up the gloves forever.”

😳 “Once I fight Jake Paul, I’m done.”@KSI believes his boxing legacy will be solidified after a win over @jakepaul https://t.co/9JxaIEQg5A

“Why don’t we just enjoy the journey?” – KSI urges fans to savor each moment of his boxing career

With KSI touching 30 next year, his boxing career might be shorter than many fans initially thought. The YouTuber has long expressed his wish to fight Jake Paul. However, he has decided to take on other fighters to prepare himself. Dillon Danis is one of them. Speaking about it, JJ said:

“I said I’m gonna fight him in 2023. The only reason I’ve come back into the boxing scene is to fight Jake Paul and beat him. So I don’t really understand why people are complaining about the people that I fight .Why don’t we just enjoy the journey?Enjoy the ride…”

(Time stamp: 4:51)

He continued:

“Ladies and gentlemen, once I fight Jake Paul, I’m done. I’m not boxing anymore. I would have solidified my legacy, and then I’m hanging up the gloves forever. So why do we wanna rush that?”

He further added:

“Things are popping right now, you know, everyone’s having a great time, everyone’s enjoying the YouTuber/influencer boxing scene right now, Misfits is flying. I’m enjoying boxing. I’m enjoying the whole scene. Everything is great. Why do we wanna rush the end product? Because best believe once its done, you guys are just gonna miss in…”

Fans react to KSI’s comments

Although KSI is yet to sign any contract with Jake Paul, the YouTuber is set firm on his intentions to take the latter on. After learning about his retirement plans, fans had a lot to say. Here are some of the reactions:

@HappyPunchPromo @KSI @jakepaul Bro, this is like avengers endgame. this is the hype that everyone’s been waiting for and I can’t wait to see this boxing match

@HappyPunchPromo @KSI @jakepaul As long as he continues misfits this is cool with me, Jake is the only one he genuinely hates who’s also a great fighter

@HappyPunchPromo @KSI @jakepaul My man’s only came back from being fat and now having a 6 pack just to beat some blonde guy he hates for no reason. This guy is actually obsessed, he admitted he’s hanging up the gloves after jake. So he doesn’t have a 100% passion for boxing, it’s just to beat jake.

@HappyPunchPromo @KSI @jakepaul This literally sums up the career path of both fighters. KSI’s motivation is Jake, Jake is to acc have a career in the sport. This statement alone from KSI shows how far ahead Jake is. The fact anyone is backing KSI is astonishing

KSI vs. Dillion Danis has been confirmed to take place on January 14, 2023, at the OVO Arena Wembley in London. The match will be part of Misfits Boxing series 004.

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