Real world vs best practice: how good are the Sportful Lobster Gloves?

If you’ve spent any amount of time riding when it’s both cold and wet, you know the challenge that gloves present. I’ve spent countless hours looking for the magic glove that will stay dry and I’ve failed. When I put together the list of the best winter cycling gloves, I even included a section explaining how there is no such thing as a waterproof glove. Despite that, every expert I’ve spoken to has pointed to shell gloves as the best choice available and one of those experts works at sportful. This year the brand has a new shell option designed exactly for getting through the wettest, coldest, rides and they made sure I had the opportunity to share details with you.

In the past, I would leave the house with an Apidura racing saddle pack filled only with gloves. Gloves stop holding heat after a couple of hours of sustained rain and if I wanted to avoid frostbite, I’d need to swap them out. It’s a solution that works but it still means much of the ride my fingers are cold and I’m deciding if it’s time to change gloves yet. The Sportful Lobster gloves are different though and my hope was the design would mean a new era of comfortable winter riding. If you know the struggle of riding in the wet and cold and you are also searching for a solution, keep reading to see what I found.

Sportful Lobster Glove generous silicone on palm

Like other Sportful gloves, the Lobster gloves feel great on the bars (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics

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