Titleist T-Series Black Irons and Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedges

  • Titleist has announced black versions of its T-Series iron lineup.
  • The limited release features a new titanium carbide vapor coating.
  • Also announced are Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium wedges.
  • Global availability for both begins March 3.

A photo of Titleist T-Series Black Irons

As clubs roll into Year Two of the cycle, it’s typically the time when companies launch “black” versions of products and the golfer interweb gets flooded with ever-so-clever Back in Black headlines.

And here we are.

While Titleist is guilty of the first part (and that’s fine because golfers seem to appreciate the black options), I won’t be guilty of the latter. I also won’t be doing anything around Fade to Black, Black Betty and definitely not Baa Baa Black Sheep, though the price tag is sure to leave some of you bleating like angry goats.

A Titleist T-Series T100 Black Iron

What you see—blacked-out versions of Titleist T100, T100•S, and T200 irons—is what you get. No need to get clever with it.

T-Series Black – Titanium Carbide Vapor

What is worth digging into a bit further is that this version of black finish—titanium carbide vapor—is new for Titleist. And, yeah, that’s the real name of the material (go ahead, Google it), not some Titleist marketing nonsense. It’s quite literally vaporized titanium carbide applied to a golf club head.

Frankly, it’s almost a little too on the nose for my tastes.

A Titleist T-Series black T100S iron

Titleist did include “Black Ti Affair” in some of the marketing materials but that’s kinda clever so I’ll allow it.


If you’re at all inclined to get excited or typically get a severe case of the wants for black irons, there’s reason to be juiced over Titleist’s new take on black.

Unlike the more commonly used PVD (which is objectively total crap as far as durability is concerned), titanium carbide vapor is going to hold up significantly better.

A Titleist T-Series Black T200 Iron

Beyond that, while most black finishes trend towards the flatter side, titanium carbide vapor has a smoky luster to it. And while it’s not especially important on a golf club, one might say it has real character where PVD, DLC and even Jet Black maybe don’t—and that’s coming from a guy with Jet Black wedges in his bag.

It’s probably over-the-top to suggest it’s the kind of look you’d expect from a fine timepiece, so, I don’t know … let’s just say it’s shiny and appreciably nicer than most of the other black finishes out there.

Complementary Stock Shafts

The stock True Temper AMT and Project X LZ Onyx shafts in the Titleist T-Series Black irons

To complete the murdered-out look, Titleist has paired the TCV versions of its T-Series irons with all-black versions of shafts and grips.

  • The T100 is paired with True Temper AMT Tour White Onyx Shafts and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Blackout grip.
  • The T100 S features Project X LZ Onyx shafts, also with a Tour Velvet 360 Blackout grip.
  • The T200 comes with True Temper AMT Black Onyx shafts and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Blackout grip.

A closeup of the Titleist logo script in the T-Series Black irons

All three T-Series Black sets are available in 4-PW in right- and left-handed.

Retail price for a seven-piece set is $1,699. Pre-sale begins Feb. 23 with limited quantities available at retail beginning March 3.

For more information, visit Titleist. com.

Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedges

A Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedge

If you were hoping that early 2023 would bring the return of Vokey’s Slate Blue (aka “The Best Finish™) wedges, prepare to be disappointed, but only slightly and just briefly, for that matter.

I’m mostly over it myself. Mostly.

Coinciding with the release of T-series black irons, Titleist will offer the entirety of its Vokey SM9 wedge lineup (all lofts, all grinds, in both right- and left-handed) in what it’s calling a Jet Black Premium finish.

Drink for saying Premium.

A Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedge next to a Titleist TSR1 Driver

While the name conveys the notion of an upgraded version of Titleist’s stock Jet Black finish (and I suppose that it is), the material itself is the same titanium carbide vapor finish used in the T-Series Black irons.

As noted above, titanium carbide vapor is exceptionally durable which is kind of a big deal on a wedge.

By way of comparison, it’s more durable than both Tour Chrome and Slate Blue. So even if you prioritize color over durability (which, in this case, I absolutely and shamelessly do), Jet Black Premium is easily the next best finish.

I don’t love it quite the way I love Slate Blue but it’s really good.

A close crop of a Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedges

Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Options, Pricing and Availability

The stock Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium build features a True Temper Dynamic Gold Onyx S200 shaft (with black shaft band). The stock grip is a black-on-black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 with the BV wings logo.

Vokey’s full suite of customization options is available as well.

Retail price is $249

(Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?)

an interesting angle of the Vokey SM9 Jet Black Premium Wedge

Global availability begins March 3.

For more information, visit Vokey. com.

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